Chief Dentist / Founder

Dental Medical Doctor Rui Trindade

Doctor Rui Trindade is the clinic chief dentist and co-founder. He graduated from the School of Dental Medicine, University of Lisbon. Following a range of courses and private clinical practice in Portugal, he has been working in Prague since 2006.
General Dentist

Prof. Dr. Lorena Gascons

Prof. Dr. Lorena Gascons is a graduate of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona – Faculty of Dentistry. She further expanded her knowledge in follow-up courses at the universities of Valencia and California. As a former co-owner of a clinic in Barcelona, she enriches our team with valuable experience and provides a wide spectrum of care across different dental disciplines.
General Dentist

MDDr. Alexandra Nováková

MDDr. Alexandra Nováková is a graduate of the Medical Faculty of the Masaryk University in Brno – majoring in general dentistry. She gained work experience at clinics in Brno, Opava and Frýdek-Místek. In 2023, she became part of the Trindadent team and deals with a wide range of oral health care.
Dental Hygienist

Marie Horová, DiS

Marie Horová, DiS graduated from Private School for Dental Hygienists in Prague and has been working in our clinic since 2013, constantly improving in her area. Marie is part of various professional communities, such as ADH – Association of Dental Hygienists in the Czech Republic. She works with periodological, implantological, orthodontic and pediatric patients.
Administrative / Dental Assistant

Johana Trindade, DiS

Johana helps doctors to deliver the best health care to the patients. She provides general support to the medical staff and deals with a range of authorities’ regulations.
Administrative / Dental Assistant

Bc. Roman Kuritsyn

Roman takes care of a reception setting and marketing activities. He ensures a positive patient experience when it comes to all non-medical and administrative operations. You may approach him in case of any questions or uncertainties.
Dental Assistant

Marija Vojinovič

Marija Vojinovič works at our clinic as a certified dental assistant with many years of experience in the Czech Republic and Serbia, where she also received her education as a dental laboratory technician.
Dental Assistant

Sayera Sadykbayeva

Sayera Sadykbayeva is an experienced dental assistant and a trained nurse. Having worked in clinics in Uzbekistan, Norway and the Czech Republic, currently Sayera takes care of your comfort here at Trindadent.
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